ACP is one of the two authorized manufacturers to supply full composite racing bodies for the contemporary Trans Am professional race series. ACP is the designer and supplier of Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette C6, Dodge Challenger and Cadillac CTSV composite bodies which dominate the Trans Am field.

Kerry Hitt shows off his Trans Am Cadillac CTSV at Dover AFB


In 1995, ACP built one of the world’s first all-composite electric trucks. Which won two prestigious ACE awards  (for technical innovation and composite excellence) from the Composite Fabricators Association, ACP received widespread acclaim for its prowess in composite design, development and fabrication. ACP completed this project from initial concept to running vehicle in a miraculous time span of only 9 months!


A very large contract depended on  rapid prototyping and an expedited production schedule. Our customer had only 5 weeks to present a prototype to the end user.  ACP is proud to have succeeded in this time sensitive endeavor and to have been the key player in this success story.


 ACP‘s ‘baby’ from start to finish,  ACP  designed the pattern, built the tooling, and fabricated the ‘use specific’ carbon fiber body for the GMC Envoy in just 5 weeks. The Envoy then won the 2000 Adelphia Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb in Colorado Springs, CO.

Fighterbird II

Hanna Motorsports came to ACP after the rear half of their
“Top Secret Eastern Raider” Firebird (a 2002 Pontiac Firebird jet powered funny car) was damaged by fire. ACP was able to replicate the “one of” composite body work and return the dragster to competition without HM missing a single race.